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Dr. Vaughn and his team at Kingwood Dentistry are thrilled to welcome you to Kingwood Dentistry! We strive to provide a comprehensive variety of services that can help you and your loved ones achieve your oral health goals utilizing top quality dental technologies coupled with a friendly and caring team that want you to see results.

Some of the services that our team provides include:


With general dentistry, we try to lay a foundation of outstanding care using up-to-date and modern dental technologies that can help you have a beautiful, healthy smile. Some of the general dentistry services that we provide include tooth colored fillings, dental checkups to help prevent tooth issues and clean your teeth, dental hygiene instruction and so much more!

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Health Centered Dentistry

Health centered dentistry – also known as holistic dentistry – focuses on providing you results not only with your teeth in mind, but your overall health too! Recent science has shown how your oral health is intrinsically linked with your overall health, and our team works hard to make sure that your dental health stays great so that your overall health can continue being great too.

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Losing teeth has an enormous effect on your quality of life in a variety of ways. It can reduce your ability to speak normally, stop you from eating the foods you love, and cause social anxiety. At Kingwood Dental we don’t want our patients to suffer. We offer a full line of prosthodontics services using custom crafted dentures to help our patients restore their smiles.

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We are thrilled to offer these types of services, and a whole lot more! Have questions for us, or would you like to schedule an appointment? Contact our team today!

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