new-guyHaving a tooth extracted isn’t something that anyone ever wants, however from time to time a tooth extraction may be necessary. In many cases, teeth that may have required tooth extractions in the past can be treated with root canals, however there are some cases where even this venerable treatment method may not be enough.

If a tooth infection has gone too deep to be treated by a root canal, tooth extraction in most cases is necessary. This is because the infection can not only compromise the health of your tooth, but also the health of surrounding teeth and your health overall. If your tooth has become this compromised, there are a number of benefits a tooth extraction can provide, including:

  • Stopping Toothaches – Tooth infection is the predominant cause of toothache problems. If the problem tooth is extracted, it can stop the toothache from continuing.
  • Restoration options after extraction – In the past, when a tooth was extracted the only options were either leaving a gap in your smile, or utilizing a dental bridge or other dental device. Now, more than ever there are restorative options to help you keep your smile beautiful, including dental implants which are a permanent tooth replacement solution.
  • Bacteria Removal – Most infected teeth are plagued with harmful bacteria. If the infected tooth is removed, it decreases the risk of other teeth becoming infected and spreading the problem throughout the rest of your mouth.

If you or our team determines that a tooth needs to be extracted, we will do our very best to make you comfortable and guide you through all of your options. Our team is skilled in providing this form of dental service, and are proud to offer safe and effective tooth extraction care.

Have more questions for us about teeth extractions? Contact us at Kingwood Dentistry today!

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